The process of gaining and keeping clients can be a bit stressful. Some clients use your product or service once and may not be inclined to remember you when next they need that particular service. This could be because they genuinely forgot about your business or could also be because they feel another business offers a complete package. This seesaw movement can cause the business to dramatically slow down in some months and pick up in others with your business still offering the same exact good or service. It is also hard and expensive to get new clients to hear about your business as most advertising mediums can cost a pretty penny.

Enter email marketing. Email marketing is an inexpensive and most importantly effective method of marketing your business to both new and old clients. With email marketing, you can easily remind your clients of ALL the goods and services you currently offer. You can remind them of offers, send them links to your brochures, discount codes and a host of other interesting things for a relatively miniscule amount.

It is estimated that about half the internet checks their emails every single day. This means that if your email marketing is done right and targetsthe most relevant demographic to your business you can get one of the greatest adverts to money conversions possible.

Email marketing has been proven to be effective and the issue of emails going to spam has mostly been removed with the ability of consumers to either subscribe or unsubscribe from mailboxes.

We at cool ideas marketing can help you send emails filled with engaging content to the relevant demographic to keep them interested and intrigued by your product. With our analytics trackers, we will help you effectively build up your brandand fine-tune your campaign till it gets to the right fit.



These days it seems like everybody is on one form of social media. Whether it is Twitter,  Tumblr, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Facebook or YouTube and so on, people are concentrating a part of their time online on interactive apps. Because people have begun to spend a huge chunk of their daily lives on these social networks it became clear that advertising on these platforms would be an easy method of delivering your product to a diverse demographic.

Having relevant social media pages on different applications has proven to help push businesses forward as some businesses conduct their business strictly through social media pages. Via social media, you can interact with real live consumers of your product and find out how they react to your products, if theywould make further purchases or if they would like any new changes. You can introduce them to newer services, discount codes, promotional offers, make important announcements and send direct links to purchase points.

With our social media marketing package, you can do all of these amazing things and connect to different apps via a single platform. With our platform scheduling of posts becomes infinitely easier, you can also read analytics to find out which of your posts gained the most attention amongst various other things. We will help you properly manage your account using language that has been proven to reach the widest audience on each platform.

Using researched and proven methods we at cool ideas marketing will help your business get the most conversion from its social media appeal. We are always here to give you solid advice on how best to handle your accounts and will navigate your page away from mediocrity and irrelevance.

We will always be here to answer any questions you might have concerning your pages and our team of professionals are willing to give you the best and expert advice gotten over years of using and winning at social media.