Every Door Direct Mail


EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail)




EDDM selected route


Step 1:  Tailor your message


Deliver the right message,right to your customer's front door.


You can use direct mail to introduce yourself to customers, announce special events or sales, promote new items... whatever you think might draw prospects to your business. Here are just a few of the ways direct mail can work for you:


Real Estate farming 


Announcing grand openings or store expansions


Introduce new products, services or menu items


Promote special sales or limited time offers


Provide coupons and neighborhood-only deals



Step 2: Choose your target


Select your customers by their mail routes, neighborhoods and zip codes.


With our free online mapping tool, you can target potential customers by specific mail routes.  It's easier than ever to get your advertising message in the right hands.


You can mail only to the routes surrounding your business or focus on the routes where potential new customers live.  You can even use the mapping tool to see demographics for each route, which is based on the past U.S. Census data.


Best of all, the mapping tool is so easy to use.  Try it for yourself and you can see how you can build a route list with just a few clicks at usps.com/eddm.



Step 3: Create your mailpiece


cool ideas marketing is your local direct mail expert.


Here are the key steps you will need to take:


Choose your size

How much do you want to show and say?  Available formats range from small to large postcards.  For weight and dimensional standards,  please see the chart below.


We Design Your Mail

We use high-resolution images that showcase your products or services in the best possible light.  Be sure your wording is clear and as concise as possible, especially if you're including a coupon or a special offer.


Format for Printing

We make sure the address label and postage indicia are placed in the right locations.


cool ideas marketing can take care of the entire process for you.  We can help advise you on the best, most memorable approach for your business and design, print and deliver your mailpiece to the Post Office.



Step 4: Prep for delivery


We prepare your mailing and deliver it to the post office with no additional charges. If the routes you selected are outside of the Grand Strand Area, we can ship them to any post office in the US for an additional shipping fee.



How much is this going to cost me?


Here is an example of our most popular EDDM postcard sizes and prices. Our postcards are printed on high quality thick 16pt dull cover with a matte finish. We also offer a free super high gloss UV coating on both sides to give your mailing campaign a professional look. These postcards are printed in full color on both sides. This EDDM program is also much cheaper than any other form of bulk mail by twice as much.  With EDDM you have no mailing list to buy, no addressing and no list processing fees. This saves you money and allows you to mail twice as many postcards. We print, prep and deliver your cards to the post office so you can concentrate on running your business.






It is no secret why marking works for some people and not others. 9 out of 10 times, the reason direct mail fails is because people do not stick to a "consistent" plan. That one person that is successful on their first mailing has most likely gotten lucky and so they continued to mail each month. The people that are "consistent" will increase their exposure in turn, increasing the chance that they will be top of mind when a need presents itself. For example, if a real estate agent mails 10,000 postcards all at one time, they might get lucky. The agent that mails 1000 cards over a 10 month period to the same 1000 people will have a much better chance of doing business with this group. There are a lot of studies and whitepapers to prove the results but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out all marketing works if done "consistently". EDDM is a great item to add to your marketing plan because it is easy to be "consistent" and very affordable. We can show you how some of our clients are using EDDM successfully and come up with a "consistent" marketing plan for you. Keep this in mind... if it were as easy as one TV commercial, one mailing, one radio commercial then everyone would be successful. The businesses that have a consistent marketing plan will always win in the long run. 


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