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Brian Coolbaugh owner of Cool Ideas Marketing has been providing clients along the Grand Strand with their printed materials since 1996. Before starting Cool Ideas Marketing he worked for a Myrtle Beach printing company for over 20 years. Long before moving to Myrtle Beach he worked for a family owned printing and mailing company Coolbaugh Publishing. At Coolbaugh Publishing he worked as a pressman running a 2 color printing press. Over the years he has developed an extensive knowledge of the printing and direct mail marketing. The family business specialized in real estate printing and direct mail. To this day it explains why many of the top real estate agents trust him with their marketing needs. Today Brian works with his team including his wife Stephanie to help clients grow their business as cost effectively as possibly. He believes helping a client save money will in turn increase the amount of marketing they can do. The key to effective marketing is consistency. The only way to be consistent is to be able to able to afford continued marketing efforts. 

Cool Ideas Marketing can print envelopes in full color and with full bleeds. This means your design can be anything you can imagine. We can print the entire envelope in any color you want, add white reversed type for a truly unique envelope. We do not have expensive converting charges and our prices are often much less than what our clients were previously paying. We do offer many sizes and stock options but our stock envelopes will have the lowest prices. It is also a good idea to ask for the price breaks, 1000 envelopes is often a very small price difference from 500.

Business Cards:
A business card is the first impression of your brand and the most important marketing tool ever.
When you meet someone that could potentially be a great prospect or connection, make sure they walk away with a great first impression! A memorable business card does a lot more than just pass on an email address or phone number.
Do not use a cheap or free business card. A store trying to make a professional first impression wouldn’t create a storefront sign with a magic marker. 
My goal is to make a memorable first impression - I use round business cards, and get "wow, cool business card" ever time I hand it to someone. I have never once had a conversation end after handing over my business card. A unique business card will actually fuel the conversation even further. Promotional items also make for great business cards, poker chip, USB flash drives, phone wallets, magnets aven a sticky note pad!

Pocket Folders:

Are a great tool to represent your company as a leave behind or to mail a prospect. You can add sales sheets, facts about your business and a business card. We offer some very cool pocket folders with unique designs and pocket layouts. We already have dies for these options so you can save money and avoid expensive die charges. We also offer "soft touch laminate" which creates a suede like texture, very cool. Presentation folders are also a great way to present sales options. For example, a developer might use them to show all the different floor plans they offer. 

Rack Cards:

Rack Cards are a staple item in the Myrtle Beach area. They are in all the hotels, restaurants and attractions up and down the Grand Strand. They are not only important for the entertainment business but for all businesses. Step into the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce and you will see thousands of Rack Cards representing all types of businesses. We offer a premium 16pt Gloss Cover with a Super High Gloss UV coating for a very low cost. Please email cool@cool-ideas-marketing.com and request our rack card price sheet. We would also be happy to bring or mail you samples.

Labels and Decals:

Stickers are a must have for any business that does prospecting. Take a prospect a box of doughnuts and put your decal right on the box so everyone knows who brought them. Drop off a gallon of milk and some oreos with your labels on the milk, cups, and cookies, sure to leave an impression! We place stickers on everything we deliver it is just good affordable marketing. We offer a product called "tech tattoos" these are great for computers, mobile devices and keyboards. Email us for more information about this cool product.

Post Cards:

We specialize in all things direct mail, every door direct mail and postcard mailings. We can help with so much more than just mailing list and mailings. We will actually help you with a cost effective mailing plan. Consistency is the key to success with most mailing campaigns, but most people cannot afford to do a mailing every month. Cool Ideas Marketing has the solution! We can show you some affordable examples that are in place and working for our clients. We are all about stretching your marketing dollars to help you become successful. 

This is our short list of printing services,
Business Cards
CD Packages
Club Flyers
Collectors Cards
Door Hangers
DVD Packages
Event Tickets
Folded Biz Cards
Greeting Cards
Hang Tags
Mini Menus
Rack Cards
Rip Cards
Roll Labels
Rolodex Cards
Special Shapes
Staggered Flyers
Table Tents

A-Frame Signs
Corrugated Boards
Foam Boards
IllumaPrint Panels
Posters (Wide)
PVC Boards
Retractable Stands
Window Clings
Window Decals
Window Perfs
Yard Signs

Framed Prints
Metal Wall Prints
Mounted Wall Prints
Photo Plaques

Mailing Services
Marketing Services